The paralysis of the negotiation facilitated by the Norwegian government and the recent announcement of the signing of a so-called «National Agreement» that does not have the representativeness of the majority of the political and social actors of the country, expressed indeed, in a National Assembly , which houses the diversity of political thoughts and positions, in accordance with the will expressed by the people of Venezuela in 2015, prompts us to make the following statement:

The citizens, organizations and social movements that subscribe to this declaration consider that a peaceful and negotiated agreement is the way to move forward with firm and sustainable steps towards the solution of the of the severe crisis the country currently undergoes. An agreement that has as a framework the respect for human rights in the institutions, and whose north points to the restoration of the democratic system that guarantees the participation of the largest number of political and social actors to have the necessary representativeness, including the National Assembly ; all this with the clear objective of carrying out a free, transparent and authentic presidential elections that solve the governance crisis the nation is facing today.

Our commitment, work and actions have been framed in the promotion and support for a peaceful and negotiated solution, within the constitutional framework and, that promotes the encounter of the diversity and plurality of political, social and economic actors present in THE Venezuelan society nowadays . The legitimacy and effectiveness of negotiations, agreements and dialogue requires plural and transparent processes in which the diversity and complexity of actors that make life in the country, participate.

We urge all parties to work together in the search for a Comprehensive National Agreement that must be supported by the National Assembly; Only then will it be possible to build trust and offer credible solutions to the humanitarian crisis that plagues the country, instead of deepening and prolonging the political conflict. The national parliament is the instance that more than 14 million Venezuelans chose as the center of debate and agreement in the 2015 elections.

We consider it necessary that the negotiation mechanism promoted by Norway be reactivated as soon as possible, redesigning its composition and operation in order to facilitate the inclusion of new national and international actors that can strengthen the process and allow the incorporation of proposals from the different sectors of society: educators, workers, students, unions, business leaders, indigenous communities, feminist movement, farmers, civil society organizations and communities among others.

We urge the National Assembly Board to create a national table of understanding that can feed the negotiation mechanism and ensure the inclusion of all political and social actors.

There is no viability in the country without a comprehensive political agreement that includes everyone: Venezuela needs governance, respect for institutions and ways of participation for all sectors of society without exclusions from any group.

The priority must be the respect for human rights and the solution of the Complex Humanitarian Emergency (CHE): once verifed the violations of human rights in Venezuela and against a CHE that intensifies day by day, reflected in the report from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the rights of all Venezuelans should be the north that guides any action plan presented to the country. It is urgent to build agreements that open the doors for the immediate assistance and protection of Venezuelans, putting the human person first. With this, the country would win, the social tension would be relieved and the political time would approach the social time, paying the ground for trust between the parties and the construction of the necessary agreements that enable Venezuela to move forward.

In this regard, a sign of confidence that the group in power can show is to welcome the recent resolution of the Human Rights Council, agreed on September 27, which approved the establishment of an “International Independent Fact Finding Mission”, to investigate human rights violations in the country, and which seeks to ensure “full accountability ”and justice for victims in Venezuela.

We see positively the return of the PSUV and its allies to the National Assembly, to fulfill the mandate of those the represent. It is necessary now the greater political will of all parties to restore the functioning of the parliament and guarantee the respect to its decisions by the rest of the public powers, to produce from this institution the necessary transformations to recover the democratic and human normality that all Venezuelans aspire to. The natural space of DIALOGUE between the diverse political forces of a country is the parliament. The National Assembly, given its constitutional powers and its legitimacy derived from the popular vote, is the ideal institution to direct the democratic transition process and, therefore, freedom and full guarantee of the political and civil rights of deputies must be guaranteed by this institution, as well as its full operation according to the current legal framework. We also positively value the proposal made by the National Assembly, in the mechanism promoted by the Kingdom of Norway, for the formation of a Plural Transition Government Council, which ensures the participation of all sectors, giving immediate response to the severe national crisis. And lead the country to the holding of free presidential elections whose result achieve the necessary governance to give solutions to the serious crisis that the nation is going through.

The construction of an inclusive negotiation process with the support of the International Community, which gives sustainability to the agreements and allows the reconstruction of the social fabric among Venezuelans, is a task and an urgent responsibility.

Caracas, September 30, 2019.

Pormoted by:

Movimiento Ciudadano Dale Letra

Instituto Progresista

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Labo Ciudadano


Convite A.C.

Fundación Centro Gumilla

Observatorio Global de Comunicación y Democracia

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